Build, share, and run fullstack apps. Easy to get started, effortless to maintain, powerful way to scale.

Seamless Frontend-Backend Integration

We believe the separation of backend and frontend is artificial.

With Shift, frontend code seamlessly integrates with backend code. No need to configure your backend, handle HTTP responses, learn multiple protocols, or debug across different logs. We make the pain of code separation go away.

End-to-End Components

We believe that reusable components span presentation, logic and data.

With Shift, developers share and reuse end-to-end components, that integrate frontend code, backend code, and data. Shift lets you get started from a working template, then modify it by adding your own code or other components.

Scalable Open Runtime

We believe building is just the start of the journey.

With Shift, we provide you with a powerful cloud runtime. We run your apps, and make sure they scale as your app grows. Want to run it yourself? No problem, at any time you can choose to host and manage your app by yourself.